We had a wonderful Anniversay cruse that was a hit!  We have already agreed that we will be doing the cruise again next year.  The Celtic Norse Heritage Society also had a successful day at the Mount Dora Celtic Festival.  I would like to welcome the new members that joined us.








Our Member Ellen McWhorter Stone traveled from Kentucky to sing at the Northeast Florida Highland Games.  Ellen did such a wonderful job!  We are so proud to have her as a member of the CNHS.  It was great having her mother Lou Ellen Wilkie attend the games as well.

Congratulations to our newest Chapter, our Orlando Celtic Norse Heritage Society Chapter!  It is official.  If you are in the Orlando area please think about checking out the Orlando group.  They are already on the move.  They have only been an official chapter for less than a month and they have already been featured in the Orlando Newspaper.  Seriously friends, they are a fun group that will grow as new members are added.

Jerry Hinkins acting VP of the Orlando Chapter

Please Click the Facebook Icon below to go to the Orlando Chapter's Facebook page.  Michael Elias-Osonski is the acting President of the Chapter.

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We had a wonderful event in May.  On May 30th we had our first Pub Crawl in New Smyrna Beach Florida. We had a great turn out and made some money for our Highland Athletic Fund.  For those that missed the event, I am sorry but we will have another one in the future.

RIP James Smorto

We have had a wonderful Games's season.  We started out at the Central Florida games where we signed up a record number of new members and then it was on the the Northeast Florida Games.  We had very bad weather for the Northeast Florida Games but we made the best of it.  The St. Augustine Games were a lot of fun as always and we made some new friends and added to our member's list.  We have rounded off the season with the the Ormond Beach Celtic Festival.  We had a great time at our home game.  We not only man a Society tent, we also help run the Clan area.  We have a new sanctioned Chapter our Brevard Chapter Yay! I must say that the Brevard Chapter is a very active and succesful chapter.  We had a St. Patrick's event at the AN Tobar in Maitland and we were lucky enough to have met the members of Cu Dubh.  What a great group they are! We made them honorary members of the Celtic Norse Heritage Society.  On April 23, the CNHS attended a Celtic Celebration in Deland and participated in a very fine Whisky Tasting. The event was ran by our member Joann Gilmartin.  All the money that was made from the event went to benifit Haven Hospice.  Our next event will be a Pub Crawl in New Smyrna Beach in May.  I will add that information to our event page.  Our next games will be in November at Mount Dora so stay tuned.


We had another first,  our first ever "Burns Night Supper". We had a wonderful turnout for the event and we had some Native Scots in attendance.  A big thank you to Sqwelch for providing the program and the entertainment. We are already being asked to have the event again. Thank you to Donald Wilson..our Chef..we loved the dinner! It looks like there will be a Second Annual Bruns Night Supper.

Here is a picture of our "First Anniversary Riverboat Cruise" We had such a good time, we are planning to do it again.

Well, it is now 2015 and we are still on the move.  We began the year with the Central Florida Highland Games.  It is hard to believe, but it is true, we beat our new member record on the first day of the Highland games. We have a new Chapter that will be official very soon our "Brevard Chapter" and we also have an Orlando Chapter forming. Congrats to the new chapters and we welcome you as you join us on this wonderful journey!


We had an amazing Christmas Party that was full of fun and food for all.  Santa made an apperance for the children to enjoy! A big thank you to Jack and Patti Booton.


Chris Horvath Created as a corporate tartan for the Celtic Norse Heritage Society, using green for the Celtic and grey for the Norse traditions, blue for the seas that Celts and Norse people have crossed, yellow for the future and black for those who have passed on.  A big thank you to our member Chris Horvath.  We are looking into finding a socuce to have our new Tartan made.  More info as we get it.

January 23, 2014
Well fellow CNHS members, we have had our inaugural event under our belt or kilts!
We Signed up 46 new members at the Central Florida Scottish Highland games.  To quote Jack Booton "What an epic weekend and this is only the beginning!"
We have decided that we will be having a Clan Tent at the Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games and Festival on February 22nd, 2014.  I have posted information and a link to NFSHG on the EVENT page here on the website.
We also wanted to let you know that we have an order in for more T-shirts..this time in black!  I can't wait to see what they look like.  We are also thinking of ordering some long sleeve t-shirts . The long sleeve T-shirts will be a little more expensive for us to buy..but if there is enough interest, we are going to order them. 
I wanted to say congrats to our members Frank Stosberg and his lovely lady Teresa on the birth of their baby girl..Skyler!  The baby is beautiful and we look forward to seeing her in person.
Our next group meeting will be on Valentine's day, Feb 14th so be a sweetheart and be there..we have a lot to discuss.  We also have a planning meeting at  Chuck Spano's house on the 15th.  The Celtic Norse Heritage Society will be in charge of the Clans area at the Ormond Beach Celtic Festival.  It is very important that we have a good showing at this meeting. 


We have had some great times lately..we went to the St. Augustine Celtic Festival and had a wonderful time.  We had a great turn out for that event and we are sure that we will return once again next year.  The St. Augustine people were first class and made us feel very welcome!

We had a very busy February! There was the Valentine CNHS meeting and it was a sweet success.  We had our regular meeting, where Jack Booton, our wonderful VP announced that we became Tax Exempt! A big thank you to Jack Booton for making this happen.  We made baskets for future events and we had some lovely Valentine treats..thank you to our member Sandy March for the yummy cupcakes.  

Feb 15th we went to Chuck and Pat Spano's house for an Ormond Beach Celtic Festival planning meeting.  A lot was accomplished by the different groups in attendance.  We had a lovely time after the meeting watching Chuck and Pat's video slides with the beautiful music and narration in the background.   We liked it so much we asked to watch it twice.

Next it was off to the Northeast Florida Highland Games and what a day we had..we had 16 new members join us and we had one new member, Shon Duncan join us at our regular meeting..so that makes 17 new members and counting.. We even had some of our new members that joined in Orlando join us for the Jacksonville games..now that is loyality..

We had Jeff (Jinx) Nager join us at the Jacksonville games and we decided to claim him as our own athelete.  We will be sponsoring him as our own CNHS Athelete.   Our Fcaebook group has grown beyond my wildest dreams..we are on the move.

The group also voted to give Albannach an honorary membership to the Celtic Norse Heritage Society..along with T-shirts... I think that we are making friends..

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